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Inventory Management

Inventory Management functionality to small and medium enterprises. Restaurants, gas stations, mini markets, pharmacies, retail stores, and others can track their inventory and make better decisions about their businesses, through our POS and Accounting system integrations.



Inventory Management

Manage your inventory levels with automated alerts and track their locations in your warehouse. Capability of bin to bin movements is included in this module. Create blind counts of your inventory for reconciliations. 

Reporting Capabilities

Dynamically generated dashboards for visualization of your warehouse with the inclusion of reports for each module with excel download capabilities. 

Basic WMS Functionality

Manage purchase orders to multiple suppliers with one click and scan items upon receipt. Create transfer order between locations with picking and delivery confirmations. 

Integration to POS and Accounting Systems

Integrate our Inventory Management system with your accounting and POS system like NetSuite, Sage, Clover or Quickbooks or the one of your choice.

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