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Warehouse Management

Have a complete, real-time visualization of your warehouse and it's inventory. Manage the operation from orders to suppliers all the way to dispatching and proof of delivery.



Purchase Orders

Generate purchase orders directly to your suppliers with automatic invoice generation. 

Receiving & LPN

Scan items upon receipt and quickly generate pallets with their respective License Plate Numbers.

Transfer Orders

Transfer items between different warehouses or stores and remove inventory allocated immediately.

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory levels with automated alerts and track their locations in your warehouse. Capability of bin to bin movements is included in this module.

Dashboards and Reports

Dynamically generated dashboards for visualization of your warehouse with the inclusion of reports for each module with excel download capabilities. 

Inbound & Traffic

Manage all incoming Purchase Orders through our traffic module which gives visibility of date of arrival of your merchandise. Assign who will receive or put-away merchandise if needed. 


Put-away merchandise in your warehouse with recommended scanning locations to achieve operational efficiency


Picking strategy module that streamlines the picking and outbound process by scanning LPN's and Locations and generating Outbound LPNs for Cargo Loading.

Cycle Count

Create Cycle Count procedures for your warehouse with the posibility of blind counts, recounts and inventory reconcilliation. 

ERP Integrations

Integrate to any ERP for Accounting Processes or any other necessary integration you might need. 

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